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ensemble kamakala , Trailer “Shyama“

curriculum vitae

Personal Detailsread more


Date of birth 11.11.1983
birthplace Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Musical Trainingread more


2003 – 2009 Academy of Music “Carl-Maria von Weber” Dresden
percussion teachers: Prof. KV Karl Jungnickel, Dominic Oelze
2005 – 2008 Academy of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden
2002 – 2003 Eckehardt Keune, Halle/Saale
2001 – 2003 Musikschule Dessau
1993 – 2003 Heinrich Berger Musikschule Coswig (Saxony-Anhalt)
(classical & rock drums and percussion, percussion ensemble, history of music, theory of music, piano, keyboard)
percussion teacher: Marianna Hatos, piano teacher: Dorislava Kunsheva


2009 – 2012 Royal Conservatoire The Hague
Classical and Contemporary Music – Percussion
percussion teachers: Luuk Nagtegaal, Fedor Teunisse, Hans Zonderop, Mark Zoutendijk, Rob Verhagen, Peppie Wiersma
Conclusionread more
2009 diploma classical percussion (incl. pedagogical diploma)
2008 Dalcroze-rhythmics diploma (EMP – elementary music pedagogy/ early musical education)
2003 University-entrance diploma
Musical Pastread more

Orchestra / Ensemble (Germany)

 2013 Komponistenwerkstatt, Chamber orchestra of the “Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau”
conduct: Hans Rotman, Daniel Carlberg
 2013 Nordharzer Städtebundtheater, „Carmina burana“ by Carl Orff
 2009 – 2010 Anhaltische Theater Dessau, „Lulu“ production with different compositions
 2009 Klangnetz Dresden
 2009 Sommermusikfest, “Folk Songs” by Berio
 2008 – 2010 HfM “Carl Maria von Weber”, cooperation with different composers
 2007 Semperoper Dresden, “Memento” by Manos Tsangaris
 2006 Percussion Ensemble of Symphonic Youth Orchestra Saxony-Anhalt,
“Four Seasons for Percsussion” by Joachim Sponsel
 2006/ 2008 free Projects, “Our father in heaven” by Ralf Grössler
(Gospel/ Spiritual with solo, choir and orchestra)
 2005 Kurt Weill Festival, “Der Jasager” by Brecht/Weill, “Der Neinsager“ by Brecht/Bredemeyer
 2003 – 2009 Symphonic Orchestra Academy of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden
 2001 – 2013 Anhaltische Theater Dessau, several contemporary music projects
 2001 – 2009 Symphonic Youth Orchestra Saxony-Anhalt, director: Heribert Beissel
 1999 – 2008 Percussion Ensemble, Heinrich-Berger Musikschule Coswig

Orchestra / Ensemble (Netherlands)

2012 Cooperation Akademisches Orchester Halle-Wittenberg with dutch concert choir IC production,
“The armed man – a mass for peace” Karl Jenkins
2011 NJO Summerproject, “Ballet mécanique” by George Antheil, “6 Japanese Gardens” by Kaija Saarihao
2011 Radio Kootwijk, Six Marimbas”, “Music for pieces of wood” by Steve Reich
2011 KORZO theater Den Haag, “KOnSTruct”
2009 – 2012 Percussion ensemble Royal Conservatoire The Hague
2009 „Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra” – Lou Harrison, Den Haag

New Musictheater (Germany / Netherlands)

2012 Solo Percussion with Musictheater, Music by Manos Tsangaris, selfwritten text for actress
Concert at Royal Conservatoire The Hague (NL)
2011 Yo! Opera Festival (Utrecht), „Talking ´bout a revolution“ (NL)
2011 Fringe Festival (Amsterdam) , „Miao“ physical theater with music (NL)
2010 ensemble kamakala (Dresden), „Shyama“ (GER)
2006 Internationale Dalcroze Rhythmikwerkstatt (Hellerau, GER)
Teachingread more


2016 – today Academy of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden, Dalcroze-Rhythmics (children class)
2014 – today Musikschule Barnim, teacher for percussion, percussion ensemble, rhythmic theory
2008 – 2009 Heinrich-Berger Musikschule Coswig (Anhalt), early musical education/ Dalcroze-Rhythmics
2006 – 2009 Academy of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden, assistant for Dalcroze-Rhythmics
2004 – 2009 Academy of Music „Carl Maria von Weber“ Dresden, preparatory teacher for aspirant students
2002 – 2005 professional practical training at several musicschools


2011 – 2012 Adest Musica (Sassenheim), percussion teacher


2014 DSND – German School New Delhi, Dalcroze-rhythmics combined with percussion
2014 Workshop for Dancers “history of western classical music”; “Western pulse and bar systems”


Workshopsread more


2014 Internationale Dalcroze-Rhythmikwerkstatt, Hellerau
2008 ZISAMP N.J. Zivkovic
2006 European Dalcroze-Rhythmics Conference, Trossingen
2006 – 2009 Internationale Dalcroze-Rhythmikwerkstatt, Hellerau
2006 Eckehardt Keune, “How to make your personal Timpanisticks”
1999/ 2001 Siegfried Fink, Bernd Kremling


2011 Masterclass Petro Carneiro
2011 – 2012 Songwriting, by Huub de Vriend
2011 Pilotweek New Musictheater Den Haag/Rotterdam, by Michel van der Aa, Michiel Voet
2011 Masterclass Kaija Saarihao “ 6 Japanese Gardens”
2010 Masterclass Colin Currie


Other Experienceread more

Germany / Netherlands / India

Yoga, Meditation, Songwriting, Modern dance, ballroom dancing, cardio and weight training, apparatus gymnastics

music performance

Percussionread more

Derived from the Latin word ‚percussio’ it means tremor. Basically it describes the striking together of two bodies, especially when noise is produced. The word percussion can be applied in three different areas of expertice: Medicine, gunnery and music. Used in a medical context it is a method of diagnosis in which various areas of the body, especially the chest, back, and abdomen, are tapped to determine by resonance the condition of internal organs. Military speaking it is the act of detonating a percussion cap in a firearm. In music the term is used for the sound, vibration, or shock caused by two objects beating together. Even though these three different meanings come from three separate professional backgrounds … the musical percussionist might use them all in order to produce the appropriate effect for the situation at hand.

Of course there is a long traditon of percussion instruments both in classical as well as in folclore music. Nonetheless the real unfoldment of the percussionists area started to happen with jazz, rock and pop as well as contemporary music of the 20th century. To describe all its possibilities and implications one would have to write a book. To keep it shorter one can state that the percussionist plays all instruments which are not encompassed by the other instrumental sections (wind and string). Usually an instrumentalist learns one or two instruments professionally, some even more if you view per example the clarinettes and the saxophones or the huge range of recorders. A percussionist however has to learn hundreds of instruments each with its right and explicit way of producing sound or some other effect.

I see the area of percussion music as a never ending journey through the world of sound, vibration and effect. As a percussionist I use my imagination to always find new ways of impact on the human musical perception. The direction I personally choose to go the ‚path of the body’ and its movements in connection with theatrical and compositional sound.

New Musictheaterread more

Among the interdisciplinary art forms, the new music theater occupies a special place. New music theater brings not only a wide range of genres together, it also links and fuses them. This means that the performers must be specialists in several subjects at the same time. The virtuosity extends into the width as opposed to the art forms of the 20. century, where the virtuosity went into the depths.

Dalcroze Rhythmicsread more

The term “Rhythmik” or “rhythmic-musical education” developed by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (1865-1950) and his original coined term “rhythmic gymnastics” or „La Rythmique“ or “Rhythmik”.

His approach is the rediscovery of the interrelationship of physical and musical Rhythm, which he used as the basis of its educational and artistic Labor.
Jaques-Dalcroze pursued the goal of uniting, music and movement. He wanted to express the integration of spirit, soul and body, or of the conscious and unconscious in humans.

The real education after Jaques-Dalcroze method is now as then taught by certified “Rhythmikern”. They teach the relationship of music-motion-language and its rhythm in social and artistic areas of Pedagogy. Her extensive work consists of the teachings of the rhythmic movement, the solfege (ear training) and improvisation.

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